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Past Newsletters

Below are the newsletters that have been sent, and at the bottom of this page you can sign up to receive future newsletters!


We know the seeds of change must be viable, diverse, abundant, and adaptable, and we see the Farmland Commons as a localized and evolving seed bank that is beginning to germinate in communities across North America. We envision and work towards a future of new possibilities and outcomes for how farmland is held, accessed, and how tenure and equity are conveyed. We are working on cultivating and supporting these seeds of decommodified community-held farmland that conveys secure equitable tenure to farmers for regenerative food growing without harmful chemicals and in ways that connect with, engage, and feed communities. >>> See full newsletter

We know land is the foundation of civilization, culture, and community and we know we are part of the land. We know new and beginning farmers identify land access as a primary barrier to farm viability and that existing and retiring farmers must destroy what they have built over their lifetime by selling their farms for development and speculation, simply to retire. We know on average 37 mid-size farms close permanently every single day in this country and we know these farms' successful generational transitions are what sustains agrarian culture and community resilience.  We are deeply compelled to do something with this knowledge. We are compelled to act.

>>> See full newsletter

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