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Darby Weaver

Darby Weaver is a farmer and writer, growing biodynamic food and cannabis on her small farm in Wolcott, Vermont. She attended school at Sterling College in Craftsbury, Vermont where she received a degree in Sustainable Agriculture. She has been growing crops and raising livestock with her husband Elliot Smith for 15 years. As a writer, Darby is passionate about using storytelling to uplift the work of communities reconnecting folx to the nourishment offered by regeneratively stewarded landscapes.
Seeing nature as our ultimate teacher, Darby believes in transformation, and knows that the Farmland Commons model has the power to revolutionize modern land tenure and ownership. She sees this work as essential and recognizes that it can only be achieved through a de-colonized, community-centered approach that values the sentience and spirit of the land and protects the rights of the people who share it.

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