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Developing equitable, scalable, and inspiring solutions to protect farmland and secure tenure for farmers

Welcome to The Farmers Land Trust


The Farmers Land Trust is focused on supporting and building the Farmland Commons movement as it manifests in communities across the country and around the globe. 

The Farmers Land Trust directly engages with farmland protection and land access for farmers by creating and supporting Farmland Commons which are non-profit land holding entities that are local to place and controlled by local communities.


We engage with land, farmers, ranchers, and stewards who are centered around Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Biodynamic, or organic-practicing farms, Indigenous communities utilizing cultural stewardship practices, and with faith communities interested in transitioning land to community ownership for regenerative agriculture and social justice.


Through the Farmland Commons

The Farmers Land Trust focuses on:

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Protecting and preserving raw farmland, turn-key farms, and agrarian and food systems real estate

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Investment in soil regeneration and pollinator and habitat design and implementation investment in farm buildings, infrastructure, renewable energy, and carbon sequestration

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Creating multi-generational models of regenerative, organic, biodynamic, and chemical-free agriculture connected to community

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Working to bring land and money to communities who have historically been excluded from such

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Sharing the innovative and impactful Farmland Commons model through communications and outreach


Finding and acquiring farms for new and beginning farmers that include next generation internship, apprenticeship, employment, layered enterprise and partnership opportunities

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Our Distinct Difference

land access for next generation farmers

The Farmland Commons model builds on precedents set by conservation land trusts and community land trusts, both of which have gained influence in the US over the last five decades and have operated for over a century. Those formats, however, can sometimes overly focus on conservation or on housing and, in so doing, discourage productive agricultural uses and community connections, thereby not utlizing the full potential to support agriculture, sustainable food systems,

and stewardship needed to restore and heal the soil and ecosystems that sustain all life.  

The Farmland Commons model is focused on cultivated and stewarded agrarian working lands. These are the lands that feed and connect us, nurture all life, and create climate resiliency. The Farmland Commons model is community-centered, placing equity and autonomy in the farmer and the community and thereby helping to reverse extractive and exploitive practices and return wealth and health to the land and the community. 

The Farmland Commons model requires collaboration, partnerships, trust, and a willingness to be bold and brave in stepping forward to create new relationships and structures for land ownership, access, tenure, and equity.

Support this work!

You can support the mission and work of The Farmers Land Trust by subscribing to the newsletter below, donating to Farmers Land Trust, donating land to Farmland Commons, contacting us about a potential partnership or sponsorship, and following Farmers Land Trust on your favorite social media.

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