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School Commons

An opportunity to connect children and their families with farmland, food cultivation, ecological stewardship, and the Earth.

Schools are a primary point of community connection and a foundational pillar in towns across North America and are a primary point of multi-generational relationship to learning and social experience that people and communities have.


Children are the next generation, the future, and the conduit to most directly engage adults and families in the importance of regenerative agriculture. Children with direct connection with and learning from land and food-cultivating farms are immersed in profound experiential learning and growth.

The Farmers Land Trust provides guidance, support, and resources to develop a Farmland Commons nonprofit entity connected to schools to transition and transfer farmland and other real estate into School Commons' to enhance or create immersive land-based education to focus on stewardship and to convey lease tenure to farm business enterprises.

School Farmland Commons' ensure a viable and regenerative farm that enhances the school, expands the curriculum, and engages the community.


Starting the Conversation

We are honored to start the exploration of what is possible through conversation.  Please reach out to connect, share your situation, and explore ways we can support you and your school community to bring about farmland ownership transfer, conservation, and regenerative agriculture through a School Farm Commons. Please also see our Contracted Services page for more information.

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