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Give Land, Farm, or other Real Estate

Create Land Legacy

Donating your farmland, farm, or other real estate for food, agriculture, community, ecosystem health, farm business viability and land justice through the Farmland Commons is one of the most impactful and transformative legacies a person can leave to the future. 


Contributing land for conservation has for decades been one way to create a legacy for the future. What The Farmers Land Trust offers is unique in the land trust movement as we provide a way to protect land not just for conservation, but also for the current and future generations of farmers, stewards and ranchers. 


Gifting farmland, farm, or other real estate to the Farmland Commons to decommodify the land and place it in community control to be used for regenerative agriculture by people who would not be able to have access and tenure to land otherwise is a powerful way to create systematic change that benefits land, people, and Earth. 


If you choose to move forward with a land donation to the innovative and inspiring Farmland Commons, The Farmers Land Trust will work with you to identify the best options and paths forward to address the protection, use, and stewardship of the land, and also the equity, power, and access it will provide to young and beginning farmers and communities that have been systematically displaced from land, who are ready and eager to be in reunion with land.

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Instead of donating land to the Farmland Commons through The Farmers Land Trust, please consider returning land directly to Indigenous and Black people.

If you would like to donate your land to a Farmland Commons and also would like it to benefit and be stewarded by Indigenous and/or Black communities as an act of rematriation and reparations, we can work with you towards that goal as well.


Your choice and action to create a new kind of legacy for generations to come for the benefit of land, people, agriculture, and community through the Farmers Land Trust will ensure that the land is held as a community asset in perpetuity with a dedication to stewardship, ensuring ecologically-sound food, fiber, and medicine production agriculture, and securing access and affordability to current and next generation farmers. 


You have held ownership, carried out stewardship, farmed, invested all forms of capital into, and shared relationships with the land, and you now have the opportunity and responsibility to determine the future of this land. There are many pathways to create land legacy, and The Farmers Land Trust brings wisdom, passion, care, and experience forward to support learning and action to create the land legacy that is right for you.  

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Farmland, farms, and other real estate can be donated to The Farmland Commons through The Farmers Land Trust, with other real estate considered within farm and food systems needs, as a resale to fund the Farmland Commons, or for unique characteristics. The Farmers Land Trust accepts farmable and non-farmable land all to support the Farmland Commons.

The interested landowner(s) must have control of the title. If there are other people on the title, all must agree to the gift. In addition, any debts or liens will need to be satisfied during the process.  Time frame can be 3-12 months or more, depending on landowner readiness to act, key documents, and complexity of transaction.

A Land, Farm, or other Real Estate Donation is Possible in the Following Ways

Full Donation

A Full Donation is the conveyance of full interest in ownership of farmland, farm, or other real estate through deed to the Farmland Commons through The Farmers Farmers Land Trust. 

  1. You review information on website and other resources you find, spend time thinking about, and commit to step forward to learn more

  2. You contact us for a conversation or several to share, discuss options, get questions answered, and gain understanding of options available and path forward

  3. You send us your thoughts, vision, goals, and information, mapping, and data on the farmland, farm, or other real estate

  4. We collaborate to obtain:

    • Title Examination: Reviewing property records to ensure legal right to convey the understanding of how to satisfy and/or manage liens, easement, or clouds affecting the title.

    • Inspection: An assessment of the condition of the land and all buildings and infrastructure, including structural, mechanical, and environmental aspects.

    • Survey and Boundary assessment: Verifying property lines and boundaries to ensure they match the legal description and don't encroach or have encroachments

    • Zoning and Land-Use Analysis: Checking zoning laws, land use regulations, and restrictions to understand how the property can be used in all ways intended

  5. Collaborative creation of contractual agreement 

  6. We visit for an Initial land or farm walk, observation, and connection

  7. Farmland Commons Committee Review, Evaluation, Discussion, and Decision to proceed; based on:

a. Due diligence

  • Maps, photographs, farm, forest, and land management plans,maintenance and/or stewardship records and other information

  • Financial Due Diligence: Reviewing financial records of: 

    • farm for viability consideration  

    • tax assessments, utility costs, and insurance costs for carry costs

  • Environmental Assessment: Assessing potential environmental risks or liabilities, such as contamination or hazardous materials

  • Permits and Approvals: Verifying that all necessary permits for renovations, additions, or land use have been obtained and are in compliance with local regulations.

  • Insurance Review: Evaluating insurance coverage for the property to understand any limitations or risks.

  • Community Analysis: Assessing the local community connection to this land.

  • Utilities and Infrastructure Check: Confirming the condition and accessibility of utilities (water, sewer, electricity, etc.) and assessing the overall infrastructure of the property.

  • Risk Assessment: Identifying and evaluating any potential risks associated with the property, such as legal, financial, or market risks.

b. Fundraising Outreach and Engagement Campaign 

c. Next Generation Farmer Outreach and Engagement Campaign 

8. Board Approval

9. Appraisal valuation of the farmland, farm, or other real estate to be  completed timed to date of transfer for gifting landowner tax benefits

10. Closing - deed is signed, notarized, and recorded with Town Clerk

11. Continued Next Generation Farmer Campaign

12. Active stewardship of the farmland or farm - or -  development of a  transfer plan to convert other real estate to capital to support Farmland Commons

Time frame can be 3-12 months or more, depending on landowner readiness to act, key documents, and complexity of transaction.


The Farmers Land Trust is available to craft the best approach for you, your family, your land and your legacy. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have by emailing

Remainder Interest with Life Estate

A remainder interest with a life estate is a great option for those who want to live their remaining days on their farm or allow family members this right. The Full Donation, with option or right of the individuals named to hold life estate legal rights to possess and use the agreed upon buildings and areas of the property during their lifetime. Upon the death of those individuals named , the property in its entirety passes into the Farmland Commons, without the need for probate. A life estate is usually created through a deed, but can be created in a will or a trust.


The most common form of a planned gift is a bequest of one or several of the below options.  Please contact us to discuss and then please provide copy of all documents that describe and conveys bequest:

  • List The Farmers Land Trust, Inc as the beneficiary in your Will or Living Trust of owned farmland, farm, or other real estate.  ​

  • List The Farmers Land Trust, a beneficiary for a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate.​

  • List The Farmers Land Trust, Inc. as a beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement accounts. 

Please click here for sample use language

Estate Planning

Strategic real estate gifting as part of larger and longer term planned giving as part of estate. The Farmers Land Trust is available to craft the best approach for you, your family, your land and your legacy. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have by either emailing us at or scheduling a time to talk with us.

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