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From 2004 to present, The Farmers Land Trust staff have contributed the following achievements and innovations to agriculture and farmland commons, conservation, and stewardship with communities:

  • Worked on the establishment of, and collaborated with, over 100 land trusts,
    community groups, and regional, state, and federal partners to assist over 100 farm
    projects that achieved protection, tenure, agricultural viability, good stewardship, and
    community and commons ownership and tenure structures 


  • Managed a private foundation grant program that dispersed over $3,500,000

  • Managed and participated in federal USDA grant review teams

  • Raised over $25,000,000 to conserve over 12,000 acres of land

  • Led organizational growth and development

    • Growing a small watershed-based family foundation into a regional leader and
      innovator in farm conservation, transfer, tenure, and stewardship

    • Growing a small grassroots nonprofit from a volunteer-based organization
      with an operating budget of less than $50,000, a donor base of of less than 20
      and an audience community of less than 2,500 to a team with an operating
      budget of over $800,000, a donor base of over 4,000, and an audience
      community of over 40,000

    • Inspiring and cultivating a community food culture 

    • Growing a legacy Biodynamic farm’s management, finances, community, and
      markets to move toward transition and transfer


  • innovator in farm conservation, transfer, tenure, and stewardship

  • Played key roles in the creation of a national farmland commons initiative involving the
    non-profit ownership of land used in community-based farming


  • Engaged in real estate sales and brokerage 

  • Engaged in Biodynamic farming, business management, community and
    communications management


  • Served as board or advisor to: Regional Planning Commission Representative, Local and
    County Zoning, Planning, Agriculture, Conservation board and commission member,
    and nonprofit advisor and board member


  • Consulted in farmland development and provided strategic guidance on conservation,
    agriculture, and neighborhood development projects related to land development,
    permitting, and zoning


  • Engaged in food, agriculture, finance and legal partnerships and networks

  • Delivered presentations and workshops at local, regional, and national levels



























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