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The Farmers Land Trust has a depth of experience, creativity, and innovative leadership that is
able to provide consultation, advising, and resource support engagement with aligned projects,
by providing:


  •  Strategic individualized consulting, advising, and management service to bring about
    sustainable agriculture enterprises, land security for local farms, resilient agrarian
    communities, land-based legacy, and a deep stewardship of the earth using the Farmland Commons model

  • Direct services provided to farmers, landowners, land trusts, nonprofits and aligned
    organizations, communities, and state and federal entities towards Farmland Commons outcomes.


Recognizing the unique nature of projects and goals, we encourage you to contact us to discuss
needs, project scope and investment, and fee-for-service contract options.  Flexible hourly rates
and per project budgeting are available to align with embodying equitable access and support
and close collaboration with those conducting activities with which we most closely align.
We are able to provide the following range of support activities directly and/or through our
network partners towards Farmland Commons outcomes:


  •  Research, assessment, guidance, planning, and support on farm and land transfers andtransitions, ecosystem stewardship, enterprise viability evaluation, soil andenvironmental assessment, and foodshed research

  • Farm site visits, report development and comprehensive assessment of a farm's currentoperations, including infrastructure, land use, production systems, and financials

  • Development of farm transition plans that outline:

o Strategies
o Timelines and steps
o Agreements
o Collaborations and capital 
o Succession, legacy goals, and future vision


  • Real estate property and market research, review, and due diligence management,
    succession planning, and ownership transitions and transfers

  • Advice, support and guidance on:

o Creation, incorporation, and development of Farmland Commons
o Conservation and protection support, guidance, assistance
o Stewardship, management, and investment guidance and planning
o Project development and management 


  •  Legal, financial, and technical resource and network connections and catalyzation 

  • Communications, engagement, social media, marketing and fundraising campaign
    guidance, support, and strategies

  • Media and press engagement, content development, and outreach, engagement, and
    education strategy development

  • Guidance on legal and financial aspects of farm transition, including estate planning, business structure, tax implications, and regulatory compliance

















We are able to provide the following project management services directly and/or through our
network partners towards Farmland Commons outcomes:
Farmland Transfer Consulting
Strategic advice and project management to support contract negotiations, real estate due
diligence and the purchase and sale process.  Depth of experience from participating in the
transfer of ownership of 70 farms.
Farmland Conservation Consulting
Individualized advice, support and structure development to bring about farmland protection
through conservation easements, affordability, community ownership, stewardship, farm
practice deed restriction, and innovative models.  Depth of experience from completing over
110 conservation projects.
Farmland Stewardship Consulting
Farmland and forestland evaluation and observation, restoration, enhancement, management,
and investment, all focused on resilient ecologically diverse landscapes that support sustainable
agriculture.  Depth of experience gained from involvement in agriculture, conservation, zoning
and planning boards and commissions, Coverts program, County Conservation District, creation
of Land Stewardship Committee, and many innovative ecosystem-based collaborations.

Farmland Tenure Consulting
Advocacy, guidance, negotiations, contract drafting, and support to create secure and equitable
access to farmland for farmers.  Depth of experience gained from involvement in over 40 lease,
use, staged transfer, and equity agreements.

Agriculture Based Fundraising Consulting
Guidance, advice, and leadership to secure local, state, and federal funding, private foundation
philanthropic giving, voter-passed bond and warrant funding, crowd-source fundraising, capital
campaigns, local direct investment, and fundraising strategies.  Depth of experience gained
from completing over 90 fundraising projects and raising and securing over $25,000,000.

Non-Profit Consultation and Advising
Organizational management and advice on transitions, financial management, strategic
planning, collaboration and identification of appropriate partner organizations, real estate asset
management and fundraising.  Depth of experience from serving as volunteers and consultants
in Board and Advisor roles with local, regional and national nonprofit and mission aligned
organizations focused on agriculture, conservation, food systems, education, and land management.

Grant Management
Management of, and advice on, federal, local and private grant programs and grant
applications.  Depth of experience from operating a private grant program that disbursed over
$3,500,000 over twelve years, serving on grant review committees for private and federal
programs, and managing over 35 federal grants.

Messaging and Communications
Strategic guidance on outreach, education, awareness and communications to convey
messages, build interest, develop community, and raise funds and support through websites,
newsletters, social media, press, and campaigns.

Strategic, balanced and professional activism to bring about innovation and desired specific
change within nonprofit organizations, local, state and federal agriculture programs, and
conservation and ownership structures used in farm preservation.

Support this work!

You can support the mission and work of The Farmers Land Trust by subscribing to the newsletter below, donating to Farmers Land Trust, donating land to Farmland Commons, contacting us about a potential partnership or sponsorship, and following Farmers Land Trust on your favorite social media.

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