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Speaking Engagements

"I was blown away by your talk. That’s the best speech I’ve heard in years. Thank you!"


"I should also point out that in our conference post-review yesterday the Sunday Plenary and  your speech were noted by quite a few people as one of the highlights of the conference." 

"You did such an amazing job, you spoke authentically, shared stories that captivated the entire audience, and you were so well-prepared. I heard SEVERAL people talking about how it needs to be on at TedTalk stage immediately!"

Available Workshops & Sessions


  1. Personal Journey and Current Work

    • Farmland, farmers, and our food system and climate are all in crisis. Land is power, justice, equity, and wealth, yet colonization and privatization create and perpetuate land injustices. Land trusts have a profoundly impactful history of defining and structuring land ownership, access, tenure, and connection yet, by and large, do not address justice and equity and only benefit a small portion of the population. In this presentation, you will hear either Co-Founder Kristina Villa's or Co-Founder Ian McSweeney’s  life journey  that brought them to this work, and how The Farmers Land Trust is innovating and creatively addressing farmland ownership, access, tenure, and justice for farmers and stewards growing food for their communities using regenerative and sustainable practices. 

  2. Call to Action for Landowners

  3. Land: The Reparations Owed

    • We find ourselves at a moment where 98% of land is owned by white people, and that is not an accident or coincidence. Rather, this reality we find ourselves in was created by many acts of violence and oppression, and through a system of racism. Hear about how we got here, and what we can and should do to arrive at a more just and equitable future for all.

Please contact us to discuss in-person or virtual speaking engagements, and to discuss costs and honorarium options.

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