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Faith Commons

 A new vision for what ministry can be. 

Together with faith and religious communities, we create Faith Commons to hold, protect, and steward land for community and ecosystem health and prosperity, and land as an active example of creation care, regeneration, and healing.

Faith communities have an incredible opportunity to positively impact the future of food, farming, humanity, the planet, and the beliefs we hold using the immense power they have in the land they own, the stewardship they value, and the land based decisions they make.


Through a Faith Commons, religious and faith communities can save and create land legacy with farmland, deeply engaging community through food, land, spirit, and the connections between, while grounded in the past, the present, and the future of land and community through seats on the Faith Commons board.

Restoring land and strengthening relationships with community.


Photo courtesy of Jackson Rolett

Faith Commons Structure

Starting the Conversation

We are honored to start the exploration of what is possible through conversation.  Please reach out to connect, share your situation, and explore ways we can support you and your faith community in creating and managing a Faith Commons.

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