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Below you will find resources on Nonprofit land ownership, Land Trusts and Commons that are sure to educate, inspire, and inform!

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Farm Commons provides many resources, guidance and template documents here on the legal side of farm business operations, structures and ownership.

From the Nuns and Nones Land Justice Project, the Imagining Land Justice guidebook series brings core principles of land justice to life through real case studies, context, scenarios, and stories. Available as free PDF download! 

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Here you can read about Temple Wilton Community Farm, a farm that is owned in community, and is foundational as it carried forward the subscription agriculture model by co-founding the Community Supported Agriculture model in 1984 and evolved the community land trust model by creating the Community Supported Land Tenure model in 2016.

The Land For Good Build-a-Lease Tool will help you develop or improve your farm lease. With this Tool you can:

  • Learn about farm leases

  • Build a working version of a lease agreement that fits your situation or intent

  • Share, review and edit the Tool output with your attorney and the other party

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Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is an academic and policy focused think tank that develops useful resource and research publications.


The National Young Farmers Coalition offers this series of lessons that will prepare you to confidently approach the financial decisions related to acquiring your first farm.

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Support this work!

You can support the mission and work of The Farmers Land Trust by subscribing to the newsletter below, donating to Farmers Land Trust, donating land to Farmland Commons, contacting us about a potential partnership or sponsorship, and following Farmers Land Trust on your favorite social media.

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