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 Farmland Commons Process 

Farmland Commons are community-driven organizations designed to:
(1) own and manage lands,
(2) offer secure and affordable leases, and
(3) provide farmers with equity opportunities for place-based regenerative agriculture and ecological stewardship.

Check out our short video to find out more.

To manifest a Farmland Commons, the following are needed: People, Community, and Land. 

Kale Farm



Community stakeholders and prospective board members who: 

  • Include exiting and/or entering farmers

  • Include an in-state attorney

    • Willing to donate and/or provide discounted service to board and/or serve

  • Include community partners that may include representation from:

    • Land trusts

    • Food and/or Farm support organizations

  • Include at least 5 people committed to serving on volunteer board

  • Demonstrate willingness, skills, experience, and networks in legal, fundraising, communications, real estate transfer, agriculture, and farm viability/support



Geographic location that is in a regional foodshed/farm to market based size and has: 

  • Demonstrated need for improved farmland access and secure tenure

  • Opportunities for preserving legacy biodynamic, organic, and regenerative farms, for manifesting BIPOC land justice, and/or for community based regenerative food production based agricultural practices



Viable Farmland Project must include:

  • Farmland and infrastructure to support “agrarian enterprises” (including, but not limited to diversified production of food, forage, fiber, medicine, and ecological stewardship)

    • Soils sufficient to support agricultural uses

    • Secure, sufficient quantity and quality water to support agricultural use

    • No existence or evidence of overly contaminated soil or water, or the ability and capacity to remedy

    • Location and scale sufficient to support production that can provide economic enterprise viability and have community benefit 

    • Housing and farm infrastructure onsite, possibility of developing housing and farm infrastructure onsite, or opportunity to legally tie housing and farm infrastructure to property 

  • A landowner who demonstrates alignment and willingness to:

    • Enter into a Full Donation or Discounted Purchase Option agreement: 

      • Within 8 months of initial conversations

      • That allows a minimum of 12 months but up to 24 months to closing 

    • Collaborate to engage existing farm community to raise awareness and funding support

People, Community and Land are then brought together in creation and incorporation of a nonprofit Farmland Commons to raise engagement and the many forms of capital needed to transfer farmland into the Farmland Commons and transition farm to the next generation.

Steps to Creating a Farmland Commons

Reach out with questions or to collaborate! 

We would be honored to support, guide, and assist you in creating a Farmland Commons in your community. Please contact us for further conversation or information.

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